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The Best Car Wash Within Driving Distance!

Exactly how do you use a self service carwash?
Whether you only have a few minutes or you want to spend an hour, the Kutztown Car Wash has handy instructions for How to Wash Your Car. We explain to best sequence of steps for an Express Wash, Best Value Wash, and "The Works".
A Self Service Car Wash is the most economical way to keep your car clean - if you know the tips and tricks! Please visit our Saving Money at a Self Service Car Wash page to learn how to save a few bucks.
What is Pre-Soak? Does it work? Is the wax really wax?
We're pleased to expain each of the different services offered in our wash bays. How they work, and how to use them to clean your car as effectively as possible.
The Kutztown Car Wash is the best self service car wash within driving distance. Why? Attention to the basics, and attention to the details.

316 Greenwich Street, Kutztown PA       Directions courtesy of Click here for a map or directions!

If you have a car, you've come to the right place!

Self Service Car Wash Bays

Many of our customers drive right past other car washes so that they can use the Kutztown Car Wash. Why? Because we do our best to make sure you get exactly what you want:
Reliability, Pressure, Soap, Cleanliness, Safety ... and CLEAN CARS!
What services are available in the wash bays, and how to use them.
Which vending products really work, and which ones will preserve the value and appearance of my car?


Our vending machines have everything you need to get your car spotless - cleaners, wax, towels ... you name it! We even have cold Pepsi and Coke products for your enjoyment!
Guaranteed Vend - no hang-ups!


Keep the inside of your car clean with our powerful, quiet commercial vacuums.
Why Kutztown Car Wash vacuums are better than a shop vac.
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