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Self Service Car Wash Articles

I Let The Rain Wash My Car   Natural clean rain drops have an acidic pH of 5.6. Most rain is more acidic than that. This is not good for your car!
Care of Leather Seats   How to take care of the leather seats in your car.
Care and Cleaning of Leather Steering Wheel Wraps   Your beautiful leather wrapped steering wheel is probably the dirtiest place in your car. Learn how to take care of a leather steering wheel wrap the right way.
Bird Droppings on My Car!   If the kids spilled acid on the hood of your car, would you wash it off right away or would you leave it there until next time it rains?
Dish Soap   Washing a car with dish soap strips off the wax and dulls the finish.
Tire Care and Maintenance   UV light and ozone will cause the rubber in your tires to dry, crack, and wear prematurely. Proper cleaning and use of a high quality tire dressing will make your tires last longer and look great!
Tire Pressure   Unfortunately, tires do not magically remain at the correct pressure settings. And there are many reasons to check your tire pressure monthly!
A Perfect Fathers Day Gift   Looking for that perfect fathers day gift for Dad?
Children spell love t-i-m-e. So do fathers.

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