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Car Wash Etiquette

At the Kutztown Car Wash, we want you to have a pleasant car washing experience. You wouldn’t appreciate stepping out of your car into a pile of mud ... We simply ask that you remember the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. Please be considerate of the next customer!

Please Do

  • Leave the bay cleaner than it was when you arrived
  • Report any equipment problems to management so that other customers are not inconvenienced.
  • Pull out of the bay to dry your car so that the next customer can begin
  • Turn meter switch to off position when you are done
  • Deposit your trash in the trash cans
  • Hang vacuum hoses on the hooks so that the next customer doesn't drive over them
  • Enjoy your music ... softly please, so that other customers can listen to their music.

Please Do Not

  • Use the Foaming Brush on tires
  • Leave cigarette butts or other trash on the parking lot

Strictly Forbidden:

  • Cleaning out pickup truck beds
  • Cleaning mud/dirt from off-road vehicles
  • Cleaning landscaping, construction or farm vehicles or equipment
  • Bucket washing while other customers may be waiting
  • Household or business trash of any kind
  • Oil changes -- Leaving any oil or other auto fluids anywhere at the carwash (including the trash!) is illegal.
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