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Blueprint. An action puzzle for young engineers. The easy ones are easy, the hard ones are ... well, hard!
Tangrams. A spacial relations game. Harder than it looks, unless you cheat.
Scrabble. Scrabble for one. Click on a letter, then on a square to place that letter.
Penguin Baseball. Click on the 'baseball' to start. Then click anywhere to swing.
Falling Sand. I don't think this game has a point. But it's mesmerizing, like watching a campfire.
Popular Science Magazine Science. Popular. Good stuff.
Terraserver Satellite images of the US - very cool. Can you find your house?
Mad Scientist Real scientists provide answers to your questions. Lots of info.
Chemistry For Kids Chemistry made understandable, for both kids and adults. Do you know what pH really is?


Jokes and such

Honda Ad Rube Goldberg was an amateur compared to these guys.
What is brown and sticky? World's Worst Joke
Big black bugs bleed black blood. Tongue twisters ... especially fun after the dentist gives you novacaine!.
The Anti Bird Crap Car What will they come up with next?

Forbidden Subjects

Worlds smallest political quiz I'll bet $1 you don't know what political party you should belong to.
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