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How To Dry Your Car!

An old towel may be convenient for drying your car, but it's not the best drying tool. Fortunately, today we have a lot of good choices - having a spot-free dry car has never been easier!

Here are the tools we recommend at the Kutztown Car Wash.

Spot-Free Rinse 100% pure H2O, Spot Free Rinse allows you to let your car air-dry without leaving any spots behind. Any/all types of towels can trap grit and scratch your car - spot free rinse cannot.
  • 100% pure water
  • Nothing touches your car except pure water
  • Simple to use
  • Nothing to store or maintain
  • Quick!
  • It takes time to air dry
Natural Leather Chamois Chamois (also know as a "shammy cloth" is made from the skin of the chamois, and it is still the ideal drying material. It Its water absorbency makes it good for other uses such as in cycling shorts, although most modern cycling shorts use synthetic chamois leather. Being somewhat spongy, it easily retains oil, making it good for wiping fingerprints from polished metallic surfaces.
  • Dries thoroughly to a brighter finish
  • Highly absorbent
  • Outstanding for wiping fingerprints and other oily residues
  • No lint
  • Traditional
  • Relatively expensive
  • Must be taken care of
  • Mildews and flakes with age
Artificial Chamois A long lasting 'towel' made of polypropylene that soaks up a lot of water.
  • Absorbs and squeegees like chamois
  • Less expensive than chamois
  • Does not mildew or flake
  • Machine washable
  • Not a natural product
  • Somewhat expensive
Squeegee Popular in Europe, squeegees push the water off your car.
  • Lasts a long time
  • Minimal maintenance
Microfiber Towels Made of fibers twice as fine as silk, 100 times finer than a human hair, these towels absorb 7 to 8 times their weight in water (twice as much as cotton!) Lint free, they clean polish and dry at the same time! Fantastic on paint, glass, plastic, vinyl, leather, etc. Microfiber towels are the first choice of professional auto detailers.
  • Absorbs a LOT of water
  • Still relatively expensive
  • Can really hold on to dirt, so you don't want to reuse it too many times
Cotton Towels Cotton towels are an all-time favorite for many drying and cleaning tasks.
  • Reusable
  • Natural
  • Lint free
  • Inexpensive
  • Need to be washed and stored
Paper Towels The quicker picker upper.
  • Cheap
  • Single use
  • Recommended for windows only
Tire Cleaner - Click on this picture for more details. Pre-Soak - Click on this picture for more details. Foaming Brush - Click on this picture for more details. High Pressure Soap - Click on this picture for more details. High Pressure Rinse - Click on this picture for more details. Clear Coat Protectant - Click on this picture for more details. Spot Free Rinse - Click on this picture for more details. Drying Your Car - Click on this picture for more details. Car Care Items - Click on this picture for more details.
Tire Pre-Soak Foam Brush Soap Rinse Clear Coat Spot Free Dry Car Care

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