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The Foaming Brush

Background Information

“Road grime” is that film of dirt that sticks to your car. It is composed of pollution particles, magnetic brake dust, oils, and dirt. There are two effective ways to wash road grime from your car:

  1. Chemically dissolve it (Pre Soak)
  2. Friction (Foaming brush)

Foaming Brush at the Kutztown Car Wash (Self Service)

How the Foaming Brush works

There are 3 components to cleaning with the foaming brush:
  1. Lubricity - That's just a fancy word that means 'slippery.' Our 100% biodegradable detergent is specially designed to maximize the ability of the hogs-hair to slide across the surface of your car. This allows the hogs-hair to loosen the dirt while minimizing the rubbing on your far's finish.
  2. Friction - The ultra-soft hogs hair loosens dirt and grime by rubbing it off your car. The Hogs-Hair brushes are the softest material available in a carwash brush, and we use brushes with the longest bristles available.
  3. Chemical action - Detergents in the foaming brush soap work to loosen the bonds between road grime and your car.

Cold Weather -- brushes do freeze during very cold weather

Unfortunately, our foaming brushes do occasionally freeze during extremely cold weather. If rinsing the hogs-hair with the warm High Pressure Soap does not release the foam, then please use our Pre-Soak instead of the foaming brush. We apologize for this cold-weather inconvenience!

Hogs Hair? Hogs have hair?

Yes, hogs are mammals, they have hair. And it turns out that hogs hair is the absolute best material there is for washing a car. Softest bristle available Springs back to its naturally straight position Absorbs and holds the soap so there is always soap on it Tapers to a feathered tip Does not flatten/mat against your car

How to use the Foaming Brush

Remove heavy dirt Use High Pressure to blast off heavy dirt. Step 1 Dirt/mud/stones can scratch your car - it is important to start by using the high pressure soap to blast any heavy dirt from your car before using the foaming brush, because any dirt that is already on your car (even very small particles) can leave unseen scratches. Don't spend a lot of time on this step, you just want to remove the heavy dirt. This will also wet your car - the foaming brush works best on a wet car.

Clean the brush Make sure the brush is clean. Step 2 Use the high pressure soap to wash off the brush to make sure there is no dirt left from the last person who used it.

Wash your car! Gently wash your car with the foaming brush. Step 3 The brush should actually “slide” across your car - scrubbing should not be necessary. You want to let the hogs-hair bristles loosen the dirt and road-grime, and let the chemicals in the detergent dissolve and remove the dirt.

Start with the lower surfaces of your car and work your way up. (If you start washing at the top, you will loosen dirt particles that will then slide down your wet car, and by the time you get to the lower surfaces you will be pushing around the dirt that was on top of your car - this could lead to time 'scratches'.)

Do not brush tires! DO NOT use the foaming brush on tires! Step 4 Do not use the foaming brush on your tires! Please!
It doesn’t work very well - tires require a stiffer brush. And worse that that, the brush may pick up grease, dirt or oils from your tires ... which you will then be smearing across the painted surfaces of your car! As always, please remember the golden rule; the next customer won't be too happy to find grease in the foaming brush!
Tire Cleaner works much better than the foaming brush on tires.

Rinse Rinse Step 5 Rinse the foam from your car when you are done!

Next Step! Proceed to the next step. Then... Proceed to the next step in your washing process

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