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Spot Free Rinse

What is Spot Free Rinse?

"Spot Free Water" is simply super pure water (H2O). Water without anything dissolved in it or suspended in it. No minerals. No salts, no dirt, no dust, no bacteria, no nothing. Just Hydrogen and Oxygen, pure H2O.
"Spot Free Rinse" is a service offered by self-service car washes that allows you to rinse your car with this super pure water, and then skip the time consuming task of drying your car - without the risk of having spots all over your car!

What causes spots on your car

Water normally has lots of "stuff" dissolved in it. Stuff like minerals, pollen, salts, bacteria, very fine dust particles, etc.
When you rinse your car the rinse water pushes off the soapy water as well as the dirt and grime that you washed off your car - the only thing left is the rinse water.
Unfortunately, when the rinse water evaporates, it doesn't take all the dissolved minerals with it - it leaves them on your car as "spots."

Spots on your car are simply minerals that were in the rinse water, and got left behind on your car when the rinse water evaporated.

How to Eliminate Spots

In the past, spots were eliminated the old-fashioned way - by towel drying your car. The towel would absorb the rinse water, and all the dissolved minerals with it. Since there was no water left on your car to evaporate, there were no spots left behind.

Thanks to technology, it is easier today - you can simply do a "final rinse" on your car with "spot-free water", and your car will dry spot free.

How Spot Free Rinse works

There are two keys to understanding how spot free rinse works:
a) You need to "replace" the regular rinse water on your car with spot-free water. (See the section on "How To Use Spot Free Rinse")
b) Since spot-free water has nothing dissolved in it, there is nothing to leave behind on your car when it evaporates ... therefore no spots!

So when you are done using the Spot Free Rinse, there is nothing left on your car except pure H2O. When that H2O evaporates, there is nothing left behind on your car - no spots.

How to Make Spot Free Rinse Water

Creating spot free rinse water is easier said than done.
At the Kutztown Car Wash, all of our water is filtered and softened so that it will do a better job cleaning your car.
To Create spot free water, we then take two more steps - activated charcoal filtration and hyperfiltration.
Hyperfiltration is exactly what it sounds like - excessive filtering. The Kutztown Car Wash uses Reverse Osmosis ("RO") to do our hyperfiltration. Our reverse osmosis equipment removes everything from the water except the hydrogen and oxygen. It removes particles that are even smaller than molecules from the water - particles so small that even a scanning electron microscope can't see them! I know, that sounds shocking - what is smaller than a molecule? Take a look at this chart of the filtration spectrum. It shows the size of various materials that are removed from our water such as protiens, pesticides, metal ions, etc.

How to use Spot Free Rinse

High Pressure Rinse Use High Pressure to rinse off all soap and foam. Step 1 Use the High Pressure Rinse to rinse all the soapy water off your car. The High Pressure Rinse cycle produces a large volume of water, which is very effective in romoving large quantities of soapy, dirty water from your car.
Remember, always rinse from the top down!

Purge Hose Turn the rotary switch to Spot Free Rinse. Step 2 Turn the rotary selector switch to Spot Free Rinse, and spray the spot free rinse water onto the floor for about 3 to 5 seconds. This is necessary to purge any soap and dissolved mineral residues from the inside of the hose.

Spot Free Rinse Use spot free rinse like a snow plow to push regular rinse water off your car. Step 3 Use the Spot Free Rinse water to “push” the regular water off your car. Try to use the spot free water like a squeegee or a snow plow. Work from the top down. Be sure to pay extra attention to the little cracks and crevices around your mirrors, windshield and doors that hold large amounts of rinse water.

Your objective is to replace the regular rinse water with spot free water - you do not want to simply mix the spot free water in with the regular rinse water. Don’t just spray a lot of spot free water on the car - it doesn’t work very well.

Drive Away! Proceed to the next step.   Drive away! There is no need to dry your car after using the spot free rinse!

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