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How To Wash Your Car

at a Self Service Car Wash

The Kutztown Car Wash is a professional self service car wash, and we offer all of the services that you expect in a modern car wash. For many people, this can be confusing - "Where do I start" is a common question. Others wonder which they should use first - the Tire Cleaner or the high pressure Soap?

Yes, it can be confusing.
These next few pages contain a simple guide to help both the novice and the experienced car washer. You'll find instructions on how to wash your car - what to do first second and last; what each service does for you; and how to get the most value out of the time you want to spend.

Yes, there is a "best way" to go about getting your money's worth at the Kutztown Car Wash.

Sometimes you don't have a lot of time to spend, you just want to "get the dirt off."
To learn which steps will get your car as clean as possible in the minimum amount of time, read our instructions for an "express wash."
Most of the time you want to do a thorough job cleaning your car.
You don't want to do a rush job, but you don't have an afternoon to spend either - 8 to 10 minutes seems about right.
Yes you can do an excellent job cleaning your car in 8 ot 10 minutes at the Kutztown Car Wash by following our "Best Value" instructions.
Sometimes you really want your car to be spotless inside and out. You could spend $150 having your car detailed ... but you want the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and besides, it can be relaxing to spend time making your car shine like new. The Kutztown Car Wash offers everything you need to make the neighbors think you just drove it home from the new car showroom - you want to give your car "The Works."
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