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The Kutztown Car Wash Self Service "Best Value Wash"

If you are willing to spend about 10 to 15 minutes to do a good job cleaning your car, then our 'best value wash' is for you. This is what most people use to get their car clean.

Follow these simple steps:
Vacuum Vacuum your car at the Kutztown Car Wash.
Step 1
Vacuum the interior or your car.

Pre-Soak Wet your entire car with Pre-Soak.
Step 2
Wet your entire car with Pre-Soak - QUICKLY! The goal is to get your car wet with Pre-Soak to soften up the road grime.

Wash Wash your car with the High Pressure Soap.
Step 3
Use the High Pressure Soap to wash your car.
Hold the wand so the tip is 10 inches from your car; wash from the bottom up.

Rinse Rinse
Step 4
Quickly Rinse the soap off your car. Rinse from the top down!
Some people skip this step and go directly to the clear coat protectant, but you will find that the clear coat protectant works better if your car does not have soap on it.

Clear Coat Clear Coat Protectant
Step 5
Apply Clear Coat Protectant to your car.

Rinse Rinse
Step 6
Rinse the Clear Coat Protectant and any remaining soap from your car. Rinse from the top down!
This final high pressure rinse needs to be thorough, you do not want any soap or foam remaining on your car when you switch to the Spot Free Rinse.

Spot Free Rinse Rinse
Step 7
Spot Free Rinse from the top down!
Use the Spot Free Rinse to push the regular rinse water off your car - think of the spot free rinse as a squeegee or a snow plow. Don't just spray it on your car!

Be Happy!
Step 8
Drive away clean and happy!

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