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Self Service "Express Wash"

Salt on the roads? Pollen on your car? In a hurry?

The "Express Wash" at the Kutztown Car Wash is for you!
You should be able to get your car reasonably clean for about $2 and 5 minutes of your time.


Follow these simple steps:

Optional Wet your entire car with Pre-Soak.
Step 1
Wet your entire car with Pre-Soak - QUICKLY! The goal is to get your car wet with Pre-Soak to soften up the road grime.
PreSoak will add another 30 to 45 seconds for an average size car, but it will result in a much cleaner car.
And since the pre-soalk will loosen up the dirt, you will actually be able to move a little bit faster with the high pressure soap.

Wash Wash your car with the High Pressure Soap.
Step 2
Use the High Pressure Soap to wash your car.
Hold the wand so the tip is 10 inches from your car; wash from the bottom up.

Rinse Rinse
Step 3
Rinse from the top down!

You're Done! Be Happy!
Step 4
Drive away clean and happy!

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