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How To Save Money

at a Self Service Car Wash

For most of us, a car is the 2nd most expensive item we own.
The simplest thing you can do to preserve the value and appearance of your car is to keep it clean - but of course you'd like to keep it clean without spending a fortune.
The good news is that there are definately things you can do to help control how much you spend at a self service car wash.

Before You Go to the Car Wash

Keep it Clean

The cleaner you keep your car, the easier it is to keep it clean. That sounds obvious, but the truth is that the less dirt and grime there is on your car, the quicker and easier it is to wash. More frequent washing will allow you to spend less time, and therefore less money.

Keep it Waxed

Wax your car regularly! If the wax on your car is properly maintained, you will be able to wash it much more quickly, which results in saving both time and money.
We recommend using a good quality hand wax twice yearly, and using the Kutztown Car Wash High Pressure Wax every two weeks.

Learn how to use a Self Service Car Wash

Knowing what your options are before you go to the car wash allows you to be as efficient as you want to be. Spend a little bit of time on our website (KutztownCarWash.com) learning about the different services offered in the car wash bays, and how to wash your car. Knowledge is time and money.

When You Arrive at the Car Wash

Have enough tokens to do the job right

Have enough tokens before you begin so that you will not need to waste time going back and forth to the bill changers. This will also allow you to take advantage of the Grace Period if you need to.

Take advantage of discounts

Kutztown Car Wash offers a discount when you buy multiple tokens. Please visit our Token Sales page for details on how to SAVE!

While Washing Your Car at the Car Wash

Know how to use the equipment

Using the Wash Services in the proper sequence will do a better job cleaning your car, and will require less time. Please visit our How To Wash Your Car page for details.

Use Pre-Soak

Pre-Soak is one of the secrets to getting your car really clean. Our pre-soak loosens tough road dirt, grease, bugs, brake dust, and other build-up, allowing you to get your car cleaner faster.

Use less Pre-Soak!

You do not need a lot of Pre-Soak; just enough to get your car good and wet. Most people could spend less time with the Pre-Soak cycle without sacrificing cleaning quality.

Grace Period

Have you ever been rinsing your car ... and the timer runs out? That could be very frustrating, because you don't want to put 2 or 3 bucks in to re-start the equipment, just so you can finish rinsing.
I have great news for you - Kutztown Car Wash offers a "Grace Period" - Our equipment will restart for only 25 cents (or a token) if you insert it within 20 seconds!

Let the Tire Cleaner do it's job

If you put the Tire Cleaner on dry tires and let it sit there while you wash your car, it will do a better job of dissolving the brake dust, grease, and grime. That means you need to spend less time actually working at getting your tires and wheels clean.

Aim the High Pressure Soap properly

When using the High Pressure Soap, hold the wand so that the tip is 10 to 12 inches away from your car, and try to keep the water hitting your car at a right angle (ie 90°, perpendicular). This will maximize the cleaning ability, thus allowing you to move faster.

Use a Professional Car Wash

Kutztown Car Wash uses all 5 of the critical cleaning factors to maximize your ability to get your car clean:
Hot Water, Quality Soap, High Pressure, High Water Volume, Friction.
Where ever you wash your car, be sure that all of these factors are provided! Otherwise you end up spending a lot more time and money than is necessary.

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