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  • Maximum suction from our Dual Motor vacuums
  • Bright lighting for night use
  • Vacuums accept Tokens, Quarters, and Dollar Coins
Pic of Vac here (in use)

Background Information

Powerful Vacuums at the Kutztown Car Wash (Self Service)

How to use the Vacuums

Vacuum Interior Vacuum the interior of your car. Step 1
  • First - check for valuables and coins that you do not want our powerful vacuums to get.
  • Vacuum your seats first. Be sure to get all those cracks between the seats and backs.
  • Remove your floor mats and shake the dirt out of them. If they are really filthy, consider using the high pressure soap/rinse to wash them. (Use the mat clamps in the bay to hold them.)
  • Vacuum the floor of your car, front and back. Don't miss all that good dirt under the seats!
  • Replace your floor mats, then vacuum them inside the car (so that you won't forget them.)

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