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Kutztown Car Wash - The Best

The Kutztown Car Wash is the best self service car wash around.
What sets us apart from the competition?
Attention to the basics, and attention to detail.

The Basics:

When you arrive at a self service car wash, you expect a few basic things -- you expect your car to come out clean. You expect the equipment to work reliably. You expect high pressure with plenty of soap and water. You expect the car wash to be clean. You expect a safe, well lit environment.

At the Kutztown Car Wash, we agree - we focus on the basics so that you can take them for granted.
We inspect and test our equipment every day to ensure that you get:
Reliability, Pressure, Soap, Water, Cleanliness, Safety ... and a CLEAN CAR!

Attention to Detail

With the basics taken care of, we turn our attention to the details - the little things that make your car washing experience complete, easier and enjoyable. Details such as:
Flexible wands for your convenience in cleaning those hard-to-reach places such as the wheel wells and undercarriage.
Highest quality hogs-hair foam brushes available
Hot water wash
Heated floors for winter safety
Bright Lighting
A wide variety of car care items in the vending machines
Professional treatment of waste water and dirt
Easy access into our car wash

Please stop by to wash your car - you will find out why people drive right past other car washes to clean their car in Kutztown! While you are there, we only ask one thing - please be considerate of other customers. Thank You!
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