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Why is Self Service the Best Car Wash?

Washing the family automobile is a time honored tradition. Spending time out in the driveway with a hose, bucket, and some dish soap on a hot summer day ... we all share those good memories. And times haven't really changed that much - now I wash the car with my kids, and they are building those same memories.

Only one thing has changed - I've learned that by using the services available to me at a self service car wash, we can do a better job, faster, and it's a lot more convenient. In fact there are a lot of benefits. A few that I can think of:
  • You are in control
  • Touch Free -- Nothing touches your car except water and soap
  • Most economical
  • Most effective
  • Best for your car's finish
  • Best for the environment
  • Year Round - no icy driveway in the winter
  • Most personal satisfaction
  • Most convenient
  • Most fun!
  • Quickest
  • No need to store hoses, buckets, sponges ...
  • High tech soaps designed specifically for your car
  • Powerful vacuums
  • Availability of select car care items

How washing your car in the driveway effects the environment

    Washing our cars seems like such a harmless thing to do. But everything that we do effects somebody or something ... even washing our cars.
    The effect that washing in your driveway has on the environment has been studied and well documented, and unfortunately it is not good. From the gross waste of water (one of our most precious natural resources) to outright pollution, the effects of driveway washing are being scrutinized by our local, state and federal governments. In fact, driveway washing is already illegal in many cities, and that trend is spreading.

    So what is really so bad about washing your car in the driveway?

more to come here soon ...

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